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What Are the Benefits of Deionized Water for Businesses?

February 22, 2022 5:46 pm Leave your thoughts

When your business or facility relies on water for critical aspects of its daily operations, it’s important that your water meets high standards for purity and quality. In many industries, this means having a reliable source for deionized water. Is deionized water right for your business? Read on to learn about the deionized water benefits your business can enjoy when it comes to safety, equipment performance and product quality. What is deionized water, and how is it produced? Deionized water is purified water that has low levels of dissolved ions, making it free from most mineral salts and simple organics.... View Article

Seven Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

November 10, 2021 9:11 pm Leave your thoughts

One of the key tenets of automobile maintenance is washing your vehicle. Experts say you should wash your car every two to four weeks—but cleaning your car yourself isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes the hard water from your hose can contain pesky and unwanted minerals that make cleaning your car more difficult. This is why you should consider using deionized water for washing cars. Deionized water is considered by many to be the best water for car washing. Deionized water is a pure form of water that’s been filtered with the goal of removing potentially harmful minerals. It’s as close to... View Article

Why Is Deionized Water Best Used for Cleaning?

September 17, 2020 11:21 pm Leave your thoughts

There are multiple applications for deionized water across a number of industries. However, many people, even those in the businesses that need deionized water, don’t understand the importance of this liquid. When people discover the benefits of deionized water, they suddenly have a list of deionized water FAQs in Cincinnati, OH for us that we’re happy to answer. What is deionized water? The most common deionized water FAQ in Cincinnati, OH involves what makes this water different. Deionized water, or demineralized water, undergoes a purification process that filters out any electrically charged molecules and mineral ions. Following the deionization process,... View Article

Benefits of Deionized and Distilled Water for Car Washes

November 4, 2019 6:12 pm Leave your thoughts

Frequent vehicle washing and detailing keeps your car looking and smelling nice. It’s also the kind of maintenance that can help extend vehicle lifespan. Vacuuming the upholstery and cleaning window glass is simple enough, but what type of water should car washes use? Being a part of the detailing industry, you’ve probably heard that distilled water is the better option for washing cars than regular tap water. But is it really? Between distilled water and deionized water in Cincinnati, OH, which one is preferred by detailers? Let’s get a better understanding of things and review the reasons to consider using... View Article

What Is Deionization?

August 6, 2019 11:15 pm Leave your thoughts

We all need access to clean water, but what do you do when you need water that is more than clean? What if you need water that is pure? Some industries and businesses need water that is free of contaminants, but pure water can’t be found. Pure water can be made, however, using the process of deionization. What is deionization? The majority of non-particulate impurities found in water are dissolved minerals and salts. Even clean water still contains these impurities. Deionization is a water filtration process that uses ion exchange to remove these non-particulate impurities. It is water purification on... View Article