Deionization Systems in Cincinnati, OH

DeionizationIf you run a hospital, lab, chemical operation, or other medical facility, you know deionized water is essential. That’s why here at Ultra Pure Water Technologies in Cincinnati, Springdale, and Hamilton County, OH, we go above and beyond to be your all-in-one source for deionization products and services. From the design and installation of services, to exchange tanks, we bring you the oversight necessary for complete water deionization, no matter the scale you demand it at.

Why Use Deionization (SDI)?

The standard for purified water, deionized water is free of any and all mineral ions, including naturally-occurring calcium, sodium, copper, and iron. It deals with the removal of both anions and cations for an overall purity that’s essential for heavy-controlled use. When properly deionized, the contaminants in water are generally reduced to very low parts per billion or parts per trillion, making them almost undetectable.

How Does Deionization Work?

During the process of service deionization (SDI), water passes through a DI resin that acts as a filter. The cation resin is “pre-charged” with positively charged hydrogen ions (H⁺) and exchanges the hydrogen ions for other positively charged ions (eg. Na⁺, K⁺, etc.) in the RO permeate and the anion resin is “pre-charged” with negatively charged hydroxide ions (OH⁻) and exchanges the hydroxide ions for other negatively charged ions (eg. Cl⁻, SO4⁻, etc.) in the RO permeate. The hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions combine to form pure DI water (H⁺+OH⁻=H2O).

*The DI exchange tanks we use are created using good manufacturing practices for complete quality control.

Deionization Systems Service

Deionized water systems are often a critical part of the facilities where they’re employed. Because of this essential nature, Ultra Pure Water Technologies handles a complete gamut of customer demands, from the design and installation of a system, to service, maintenance and beyond. Our mission is to ensure the quality of your deionized water is never in question.

Some of the customers that rely on us for system service and maintenance include:

  • Hospitals
  • Labs
  • Dialysis units
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical

We can also meet the needs of some of the most popular and stringent guidelines in the industry including:

  • USP Type I, II, and III water
  • ASTM Type I and II water
  • NCLLS Type I and II water
  • Or any customer’s specific needs.

For more information about deionized water systems or DI exchange tanks or to consult with one of our professionals about how we can tailor a DI, reverse osmosis, or water softener solution to fit the needs of your Ohio or Northern Kentucky facilities, contact us today at 513-771-2434.