What Are DI Exchange Tanks Used For?

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When you’re considering a deionization (DI) water purification system, you may have heard about DI exchange tanks. What are they used for, and do you need one? If you have or are considering a service deionization system (SDI), it will use a DI exchange tank. They replace synthetic resins that are used to capture harmful anions and cations. However, if you have an electrodeionization system (EDI), you won’t need one. These systems continuously regenerate on their own. When to use DI exchange tanks DI exchange tanks are usually used downstream, in a reverse osmosis system. However, they can also be... View Article

Deionized Water vs. Distilled Water

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When you’re trying to find the right water purification system, the terms you encounter may sound similar. You might assume that each system produces the same results. However, there are differences between deionized and distilled water. They use different methods to purify water, and are used by different industries. Read on to learn more about deionized versus distilled water. Differences between deionized and distilled water The main difference in deionized and distilled water is how it’s produced. To create distilled water, water is boiled until it becomes a vapor. Then the vapor is condensed back into a liquid, in another... View Article

Why Is It Important to Recycle Water?

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We’ve all heard of recycling plastics, cardboard, paper and other materials. But did you know that water can also be recycled? It’s true, and it’s becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This post will answer all of your questions about reusing water, including what benefits you stand to gain from recycling water. What are the benefits of recycling water? Let’s start with the perks of recycling water. These are a few reasons to retrofit your business with a water purification system: Environmental factors: Overuse of water threatens our ecosystem. In fact, the United States Bureau of Reclamation reported that 21 fish species... View Article

What You Should Know About Commercial Water Softeners

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Hard water is water with high concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium. While the water is safe to consume, those minerals can wreak havoc on your building’s plumbing and appliances over time. The solution to hard water is to install a commercial water softener. But what is a commercial water softener, and how does one work? Continue reading to find out. How does a commercial water softener work? Water softeners eliminate calcium, magnesium and other minerals from hard water using a process called ion exchange. When hard water enters a mineral tank, it flows through a bed of resin... View Article

Grey Water or Green Water?

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What is grey water, and what is green water? As you can probably guess, there are significant differences between the two types of water. While both are recycled water, their purposes differ, as do the processes they undergo. So how do companies recycle water and use either grey or green water in their operations? Here’s what you need to know. Grey vs. green Grey water is water that is reused for other applications. It includes wastewater such as runoff from baths and showers. Keep in mind that this is different from black water, which is contaminated by fecal matter. Grey... View Article