What Are the Benefits of Deionized Water for Businesses?

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When your business or facility relies on water for critical aspects of its daily operations, it’s important that your water meets high standards for purity and quality. In many industries, this means having a reliable source for deionized water. Is deionized water right for your business? Read on to learn about the deionized water benefits your business can enjoy when it comes to safety, equipment performance and product quality. What is deionized water, and how is it produced? Deionized water is purified water that has low levels of dissolved ions, making it free from most mineral salts and simple organics.... View Article

The Difference Between Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Industrial Water Treatment

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Several heavy industries use water in their day-to-day operations, generating potentially-hazardous waste that needs to be treated before it can re-enter the environment. Depending on how the water will be used after treatment, several processes exist to meet industrial water treatment standards. Read on to discover the difference between industrial wastewater treatment and industrial water treatment. Industrial wastewater treatment Most industries, from agricultural to mining to food to paper, produce some form of wet waste, or wastewater. Industrial wastewater treatment refers to the processes used to treat water that’s been contaminated by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities. While there’s been... View Article

The Difference Between Recycled Water, Reclaimed Water and Water Reuse

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Wondering what the difference is between recycled water and reclaimed water in terms of the process of water reuse? It’s an answer that affects everyone since we all rely on water to sustain life. Here’s an introduction to the process of water recycling, as well as an overview of the benefits to doing so. What’s the difference between recycled water, reclaimed water and water reuse? Generally, water that’s used more than once before it returns to the natural water cycle is referred to as recycled or reclaimed water. Recycled water is useful for several everyday applications, including agricultural and landscape... View Article

The Importance of Water Pressure to an RO System

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Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification system that offers competitive costs, measurable results and easy maintenance. However, this investment will not pay off if you do not set the correct RO system water pressure. Your entire RO system depends on the correct water pressure to be effective, and you cannot overlook its importance. Here are four reasons you need to set the correct water pressure if you use reverse osmosis at your business or medical facility: Better purification: Reverse osmosis systems include a high-pressure pump, motor, housing and membranes. They work by forcing water through the membrane for purification... View Article

Choose the Right High-Purity DI Resin for Your Application

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What is the right high-purity DI resin for your needs? It all depends on your industry and application! If you do not have a background in deionization processes, answering that question can feel like a harrowing experience. You need guidance and the right system in your office, lab or plant. Here is how to assess the suitable high-purity DI resin for your production needs. Types of resin Resin is the essential element in deionization. There are two types of resin: cation and anion. Cation resin is a negatively-charged resin bead with a 2- to 3-micron diameter. When water passes through... View Article