Industrial Uses of Purified Water

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There are numerous industrial uses of purified water depending on the product the industry specializes in producing. Distilled water is essential in the pharmaceuticals and agriculture sectors. Let’s take a quick look at various industries that rely on purified water for their operations, including the two named above. Pharmaceutical Water Purification Purified water in the pharmaceutical industry is vital as it’s considered one of the significant ingredients for developing and processing pharmaceuticals. In this industry, purified water uses include synthesis, product reconstitution, production of finished products, and as a cleaning agent. Additionally, it is used in the granulation process for tablets and capsules,... View Article

Purified Water and the Cannabis Industry

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Everyone knows you need water to grow plants, and cannabis is no exception. But what often pervades common knowledge is the specificity of the water required for optimal growth. Like anything in the cannabis world, there are countless theories about what type of water is best for growing: Should I use distilled or tap? Do I need to install a reverse osmosis, hydroponic water filtration system? Or maybe good old rainwater is the ideal water. What is the right water for my plants? The answer can be found by considering a few key elements necessary for cannabis growth: pH, EC,... View Article

Carbon Filter Water Treatment Explained

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Water treatment is important. Small contaminants can make your water taste bad, it can cause you to become ill, and it can cause a huge range of issues in your home and with your health. Carbon water filtration is an effective and useful option; learning a bit more about it may help you determine if it will work for you. What Is Carbon Filter Water Treatment? When it comes to types of water filtration or alternative water filter options, carbon filters are a great option that you can use in the home that is going to be easy and simple.... View Article