Carbon Filter Water Treatment Explained

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Water treatment is important. Small contaminants can make your water taste bad, it can cause you to become ill, and it can cause a huge range of issues in your home and with your health. Carbon water filtration is an effective and useful option; learning a bit more about it may help you determine if it will work for you.

What Is Carbon Filter Water Treatment?

When it comes to types of water filtration or alternative water filter options, carbon filters are a great option that you can use in the home that is going to be easy and simple. Activated carbon is a type of carbon or charcoal that has been processed so that it has a very large overall surface area. This makes it easier for the carbon to absorb the contaminants and the overall nasty impurities in your water.

Activated carbon can be put into smaller filters like those you see in a pitcher filter, in a house filtration system, or even in a faucet filter you install in your home. Activated charcoal works to physically absorb the contaminants into the carbon. These filters are great if you have hard water or if you have water that has some sort of contaminants in it that you want to filter out.

Are Carbon Filters Worth It?

These filters are easy to use, effective, and simple to use in the home or in other, larger applications. These filters are great if you have water containing any sort of contaminants you have noticed or are concerned about. These filters have been known to remove up to 12 herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants as well.

They can remove things like mercury, arsenic, radon, and asbestos and are ideal if you are unsure what is going on and if you are unsure what sort of contaminants that you might be dealing with. With the help of this type of filter, you can get a great range of contaminants filtered out without having to know exactly what you have to filter out and what sort of filter you really need. Carbon filters are a great all-around filter that can really help to get your water safe and totally filtered.  

Contact Ultra Pure Water Technologies if you have any further questions or concerns about your water quality. We can answer questions about water testing, water purifiers and filters.

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