Commercial & Industrial Water Softening Systems in Cincinnati, OH

Hard water can have a dramatic impact and reduce the life of your equipment, machines, and
products that are utilizing a city or well water source. Using a commercial or industrial water softener to protect your machines, equipment, or products is critical. Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC in Cincinnati, OH will help you select the right option for your business to handle the needs of fighting hard water issues.

When to Soften Your Water

Not sure if you need to invest in a commercial or industrial water softener in Cincinnati, OH? The smart thing to do is speak to a professional to have your water tested.

How do Water Softeners Work?

The purpose of water softeners is to prevent the buildup of naturally-occurring metals within your water supply—namely calcium and magnesium. Water softeners filter water through resin to remove metal ions from water and replace them with sodium ions in a process called “ion exchange.”

Sodium ions are progressively depleted over time and need to be regenerated to facilitate future ion exchange. Regeneration, done from a salt brine, also eliminates the previously removed calcium and magnesium ions and drains them from the softening system.

Water Softening Services

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC is your local expert for any and all commercial and industrial water softening system services. We design, install, repair and service your company’s water softening systems so they meet the demands of your commercial or industrial facilities.

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including:

Even if you’re not sure about the full scope of your commercial or industrial water softening needs, our experts are here to tailor a solution to your facilities. We relish the opportunity to work with you, and we promise nothing short of exceptional results and the cleanest, softest water. For more information or a free consultation contact us today at 513-771-2434.