Industrial & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems in Cincinnati, OH

Reverse osmosis is a system of purification that can be implemented quickly and effectively in most commercial and industrial settings. At Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC in Cincinnati, OH, we can help you take advantage of a commercial or industrial reverse osmosis system to raise the purity of your business’ water.

Why Use Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a practical option for many commercial and industrial facilities because of its competitive cost, measurable results, and ease of maintenance. An industrial or commercial RO water system is also a sustainable investment in quality water that can be optimized to your facilities’ needs on a scalable basis.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis water systems​ consist of a high-pressure pump and motor, RO housings and RO membranes​. The pump and motor provide the pressure necessary for the natural osmosis process to be reversed.

The RO housings hold the RO membranes​ and provide concentrate and permeate flow paths or streams. The RO membrane ​elements provide the semi-permeable membrane that allows the reverse osmosis process to happen.

The pressurized feed water is forced through or permeates the semi-permeable membrane leaving the contaminants contained in the feedwater behind as concentrate in the waste stream. In addition to sending the contaminants to drain, the concentrate or waste stream provides a constant flow across the membrane surface minimizing the buildup of contaminants on the RO membrane​ surface.

Reverse Osmosis System Services

To help your commercial or industrial facility get the most out of its investment in a reverse osmosis system, Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC in Cincinnati, OH is proud to provide design, installation and repair services. We work with our customers to understand the needs of their RO system, developing a solution that meets and exceeds these needs. We’ve done work with numerous different types of clients, including:

From hospitals to laboratories, our RO systems are often the first line of defense against chemical contamination of critical water supplies. Trust our team and our industrial and commercial reverse osmosis solutions to ensure your water is free and clear of any unwanted chemicals. Call today at 513-771-2434 for a free consultation.