Why Water Quality Is Important for Your Food and Beverages

June 26, 2018 10:07 pm Leave your thoughts

Manufacturers of foods and beverages should never underestimate just how important water quality is in their industry. Having water that is pure and free of contaminants is crucial in manufacturing, no matter what type of food or drink you’re making. Here are just a few reasons why commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH is an absolute must for food and beverage manufacturers: Taste: Water is a primary ingredient in many foods and all beverages. Water constitutes more than 90 percent of the vast majority of beverages you’ll find for sale. This means it will have a significant impact on the... View Article

The Difference Between USP, ASTM and NCCLS Water

June 12, 2018 10:07 pm Leave your thoughts

There are many different organizations in the United States that set some fairly strict standards for water purity. Certain types of facilities, such as labs and medical centers, must meet the strictest of these compliance standards to ensure their water is as pure as possible. Organizations with their own sets of water standards include AAM, ANSI, ASTM, CAP, NCCLS and USB, with three of these (ASTM, USP and NCCLS) being particularly prevalent in a variety of industry settings. If you’re hoping to meet these stringent purity standards, you’ll need a high-quality filter using technologies such as reverse osmosis, cartridge filtration,... View Article