Five Benefits of a Water Purification System

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For business owners, purchasing a commercial water purification system might seem like an expense you can skip, but the reality is that providing safe drinking water can improve your organization’s image, boost employee morale and create a safer environment. Whether you’re in retail or healthcare, a high-quality water purification system is a sound investment. Let’s look at the leading benefits of a water purification system for your organization. Avoid equipment issues While the water that comes from the tap might seem fine, the fact is that it contains harsh minerals that are liable to damage your pipes. Hard water, which... View Article

Advantages of Using Commercial RO Water Purifiers

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The most basic version of reverse osmosis (RO) removes impurities and filters them out of water. Water sources for irrigation, health facilities and other commercial or industrial purposes can contain impurities and contaminants. This is where RO systems come in, offering consistent quality without contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals and minerals, as these can cause problems for businesses of any size. Read on to find out the advantages of commercial RO water purifiers. Commercial RO water purifier basics These purifiers include two multistage filters, with every step of the process dedicated to eliminating specific toxic elements like arsenic, copper, chlorine... View Article

Here Are Three Ways You Can Test for Hard Water

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According to, 85 percent of homes in the United States have hard water. The level of hardness varies throughout the country. Some states in New England have water that’s only slightly hard, while several Midwestern states have water that qualifies as extremely hard. Wherever you live, you may want to know how to test for hard water. Hard water testing can let you know just how hard your water is (or if it’s even hard at all). This article will cover a trio of ways to test for hard water. Soap suds DIY test For this hard water testing... View Article

Seven Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

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One of the key tenets of automobile maintenance is washing your vehicle. Experts say you should wash your car every two to four weeks—but cleaning your car yourself isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes the hard water from your hose can contain pesky and unwanted minerals that make cleaning your car more difficult. This is why you should consider using deionized water for washing cars. Deionized water is considered by many to be the best water for car washing. Deionized water is a pure form of water that’s been filtered with the goal of removing potentially harmful minerals. It’s as close to... View Article

What Are DI Exchange Tanks Used For?

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When you’re considering a deionization (DI) water purification system, you may have heard about DI exchange tanks. What are they used for, and do you need one? If you have or are considering a service deionization system (SDI), it will use a DI exchange tank. They replace synthetic resins that are used to capture harmful anions and cations. However, if you have an electrodeionization system (EDI), you won’t need one. These systems continuously regenerate on their own. When to use DI exchange tanks DI exchange tanks are usually used downstream, in a reverse osmosis system. However, they can also be... View Article