What Are the Benefits of Deionized Water for Businesses?

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When your business or facility relies on water for critical aspects of its daily operations, it’s important that your water meets high standards for purity and quality. In many industries, this means having a reliable source for deionized water.

Is deionized water right for your business? Read on to learn about the deionized water benefits your business can enjoy when it comes to safety, equipment performance and product quality.

What is deionized water, and how is it produced?

Deionized water is purified water that has low levels of dissolved ions, making it free from most mineral salts and simple organics. To produce deionized water, manufacturers use a process called demineralization or ion exchange. Demineralization is the removal of minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and copper from naturally occurring water.

Demineralization is most commonly achieved by exchanging sodium ions in an electrolytic process for more highly purified water: deionized water. The deionizers use electrically-driven ion exchange membranes that act as filters—only certain types of ions are allowed to pass through, while the rest are removed. The final product, deionized water, is free from ions and most other impurities.

What industries benefit from deionized water, and how?

Many traditional manufacturing and fabrication facilities take advantage of a variety of deionized water benefits in their daily operations. Many food and beverage producers also use deionizers to ensure the water used in production is free from foreign substances that could be harmful or create damage to equipment like pumps and valves.

Deionized water offers a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Improved product quality: Deionized water can be used when creating products that require a specific water purity level to produce superior end results. When manufacturing consumer electronics, for example, facilities may use deionized water for washing, rinsing and final cleaning. This will prevent foreign substances from being introduced into the product during production, ensuring a superior-quality finished good.
  • Safer equipment operation: Deionizers can also be used to produce ultra-high purity water that’s used as a coolant or lubricant in industrial machinery and equipment. Deionized water is often used as a coolant in tools like metalworking machines and hydraulic presses, where other types of water can introduce foreign substances that affect tool performance or cause damage to the equipment. Using deionized water to produce coolant prevents these issues; it’s also cost-effective compared to purchasing distilled water for use as a coolant.
  • Increased safety and peace of mind: The use of deionized water can help achieve a clean, chemical-free environment in which to work, significantly improving the overall safety and comfort of employees. For example, in the event of a leak, deionized water dissipates quickly, unlike other types of water, which do not break down as easily and can cause damage to nearby equipment or create slip hazards on work floors.

Where can I learn more about deionizing water systems?

For more information on how deionized water can benefit your business, reach out to the experts at Ultra Pure Water Technologies. Serving Ohio commercial and industrial operations for over 20 years, our products and services can bring the benefits of deionized water to your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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