Seven Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

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One of the key tenets of automobile maintenance is washing your vehicle. Experts say you should wash your car every two to four weeks—but cleaning your car yourself isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes the hard water from your hose can contain pesky and unwanted minerals that make cleaning your car more difficult.

This is why you should consider using deionized water for washing cars. Deionized water is considered by many to be the best water for car washing. Deionized water is a pure form of water that’s been filtered with the goal of removing potentially harmful minerals. It’s as close to the simple H2O formula that you can get, and this makes it ideal for car washing.

Eliminates spots

Water spots are the bane of every car washer’s existence. Deionized water doesn’t contain the minerals that would leave behind spots after drying, so you don’t have to deal with those annoying water spots after washing your car.

Makes waxing simpler

When applying waxes, sealants or coatings to your car, you’ll likely use water either before or during the application process. This water must be free from harsh minerals, or you could damage the car’s finish before or while you’re waxing it.

Conserves time

Using deionized water to wash your car can speed up the process considerably. This is because deionized water attracts contaminants, so you’ll remove more dirt and grime with each wipe of the rag you’re using. You also won’t have to hand dry it either.

Conserves money

You won’t need many tools in your car-cleaning kit if you use deionized water, so you won’t have to go out and buy additional unnecessary products like brushes, cleaners and special chemicals.

Conserves your energy

Even the most passionate gearhead can admit that washing your car shouldn’t have to be a monumental or Herculean task. It’s something you can and should do to care for your car, but you shouldn’t have to break your back in the process.

Using deionized water to wash your car makes the process take less time and removes some of the more rigorous work you’d have to do (like hand drying) if you elected to use hard water.

Conserves the environment

If you implement deionized water for washing cars, you won’t have to use as much water, which is good for the environment. You can also use organic soap instead of harsh chemicals, which can limit caustic runoff into nearby drains and streams.

Nullifies odors found in hard water

Hard water is not purified, nor is it distilled; therefore, it has minerals and impurities in it. If you plan to use water to clean the inside of your car, you may want to use the best water for car washing.

That’s deionized water. Deionized water doesn’t have any of the smells that hard water can give off—and that matters if you’re cleaning the inside or outside of your car.

Call for your deionized water solution today

There are numerous applications for deionized water besides washing cars, and we at Ultra Pure Water Technologies would love to talk to you about them. In addition to water deionization, we also offer water purification and reverse osmosis services for various commercial and industrial applications.

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