Why Is Deionized Water Best Used for Cleaning?

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There are multiple applications for deionized water across a number of industries. However, many people, even those in the businesses that need deionized water, don’t understand the importance of this liquid. When people discover the benefits of deionized water, they suddenly have a list of deionized water FAQs in Cincinnati, OH for us that we’re happy to answer.

What is deionized water?

The most common deionized water FAQ in Cincinnati, OH involves what makes this water different. Deionized water, or demineralized water, undergoes a purification process that filters out any electrically charged molecules and mineral ions. Following the deionization process, this water only had contaminants at a level of parts per billion or parts per trillion. With deionization, the goal is to have water that only contains hydrogen and oxygen, or water that’s as close to 100 percent purity as possible.

What are the practical applications for deionized water?

This list could go on for multiple pages because so many organizations require deionized water for their products and services. For example, deionized water plays a crucial role in the medical field. Water filled with impurities could cause adverse side effects in patients when used in medications or vaccinations. Therefore, any medical treatment that includes water must use deionized water. Without deionized water, medical and pharmaceutical businesses could not adhere to safety protocols or create products with a high level of integrity.

Why should I clean with deionized water?

It doesn’t matter if you’re sterilizing surgical tools or washing windows—deionized water makes all the difference. On a chemical level, deionized water craves ions and minerals. It’s been deprived of these contaminants, and it’s eager to regain them by absorbing them from surrounding sources. So, deionized water attracts the dirt, gunk and grime that collects on surfaces.

Additionally, without any impurities, deionized water leaves behind no spots, stains or residue on the items you clean. If you’re using cleaning chemicals, add a step of rinsing afterward with deionized water to remove any streaks or debris. Many find that they do not need cleaning solutions when they use deionized water.

What can I clean with deionized water?

A better question is, what can’t you clean with deionized water? You can clean your whole office from top to bottom with deionized water. Everything from carpet cleaning to windows benefits from cleaning with deionized water. Any appliances with hard water buildup, such as washing machines or coffee makers, truly benefit from thorough cleanings with deionized water. Additionally, experts recommend only using deionized water to clean electronics.

As the purest form of water, almost any surface or thing you can imagine benefits from being cleaned with this water. There are endless cleaning applications for deionized water in commercial and industrial settings. Many business owners are forgoing the cost of cleaning solutions and opting to get the job done with deionized water instead.

You probably have other deionized water FAQs in Cincinnati, OH that you’d like to have answered. At Ultra Pure Water Technologies, as a premier source for deionization products and services, we’re happy to discuss how to scale deionized water solutions for your enterprise. Reach out to us now to speak with one of our experts.

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