Why Dental Offices Need Water Purification Services

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Water purification systems can benefit residential and commercial sites alike, but some establishments can reap greater benefits than others. A dental office is a place where a high-quality water filtration system can provide amazing benefits. Here’s why dental offices need water purification services:

Better Equipment Cleaning

One of the greatest and most useful benefits of having a water purification system is that dental offices can clean their equipment more efficiently. Most offices use autoclave machines to sanitize their tools. However, the quality of the sanitation is highly dependent on the quality of the water used inside the machine. Using purified water can raise that quality tenfold and extend the autoclave’s life span simultaneously. 

Keep Visitors Healthy

Dental patients often visit with friends and family members who wait in the lobby area for their loved ones to finish their treatment processes. Having a water purification system will allow the offices to serve safe water to those visitors. Purified water often tastes much better than water that has not had all of its radical elements removed. 

Cut Down on the Spread of Disease

Dental offices use equipment that forces pressurized water into the mouths of patients. Contaminated water can introduce bacteria into a patient’s system and cause that person to develop an illness. Investing in a purification system will ensure that the water used during surgical procedures is clean enough to aid each patient’s healing process, rather than add more risk.  

Promotes Compliance

The American Dental Association sets certain guidelines for dental offices around the nation. One existing guideline requires dentists to have a separate water container for the chair, and providers are instructed to keep this water separated from public supplies.

Thus, investing in a water purification system will make it easier for providers to honor the guidelines. These requirements may seem strict, but they can be much healthier for dental patients, who are highly vulnerable during procedures and surgical extractions. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also made recommendations, and its most recent recommendation for dental offices was that the water inside the facility contains less than 500 CFU/ml of bacteria.  

Dental offices are investing in distilled water to honor such requests. However, a certain level of savings comes along with using a deionized water system instead of on-site distillers. These facilities can save money on electricity by switching to the new system. Furthermore, they can keep the American Dental Association and CDC at bay and avoid being scrutinized or reprimanded for contamination levels.

Now you can understand the answer to the question, "Why is water purification important in dental offices?" It can typically cut operational costs, keep dental patients healthier and satisfy guests who visit the facility. The benefits mentioned above are a few of the many reasons for a dental provider to invest in an advanced water purification system.

Some units are highly affordable and attainable by participating offices. Interested persons can reach out to a provider to ask questions and receive a quote for possible service. 

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