Importance of Water Quality for Car Washes

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All vehicle wash businesses rely on water. The quality of water directly affects the car washed. Impurities, minerals, and other sediments can lead to staining and less effective cleaning. There is more to water than what the eye sees. What appears clear and clean might not produce the desired results at the carwash, leaving your clients dissatisfied. You want to offer the best services for your clients, so observing due diligence will boost your car wash business. That is why a water treatment system to ensure water quality is important to a successful vehicle wash operation.

Hard water, which results from high mineral levels, causes spots, prevents lathering of soap, and causes the buildup of scale on fixtures and plumbing equipment.

If you reside in an old city and observe fire hydrants being flushed, it is a pointer that you might have to contend with hard water. Municipalities flush hydrants to reduce the scaling of magnesium and calcium inside old cast iron pipes.

Soft water is the result of a water softener where the magnesium and calcium ions have been exchanged. If you see spots with a water softener, the likely culprit is sodium.

Water softeners are good for hard water treatment; However, these systems cannot remove minerals and contaminants. Alone, it is not sufficient to guarantee a spot-free result. Depending on your water characteristics, other treatment methods, such as reverse osmosis, may be helpful at the carwash. Reverse osmosis systems filter out impurities saving on operation costs and imparting a steady, superior car wash experience.

What is the importance of water quality at car wash businesses?

Your clients want a shiny and clean car. You want your business to be at its best to attract new customers and retain already existing ones. You need to use the appropriate water in your enterprise to achieve this. The following are some reasons why car wash water quality is important.

  • Customer satisfaction: A spotless rinse offers visual satisfaction of a vehicle’s cleanliness, so the client feels nice about their car wash experience and investment every time.
  • Reduced chemical expenses: Purified water enhances the effectiveness of vehicle wash chemicals and detergents. Thus, they clean faster and more efficiently using fewer detergents, and enhancing wash performance results in reduced costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Lower equipment maintenance and downtime costs: Demineralized water prevents sediment and scale buildup in equipment. Thus, the equipment needs less maintenance, performs more effectively, and lasts longer.

Water contaminants vary greatly by water source and geographic location. If your water comes from a municipal supply, it might not come from the same source all year-round.

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