Five Benefits of a Water Purification System

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For business owners, purchasing a commercial water purification system might seem like an expense you can skip, but the reality is that providing safe drinking water can improve your organization’s image, boost employee morale and create a safer environment. Whether you’re in retail or healthcare, a high-quality water purification system is a sound investment.

Let’s look at the leading benefits of a water purification system for your organization.

Avoid equipment issues

While the water that comes from the tap might seem fine, the fact is that it contains harsh minerals that are liable to damage your pipes. Hard water, which flows through the vast majority of pipes in America, contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals that will, over time, result in deterioration. This is especially a major issue for businesses that use significant amounts of water, like restaurants and distilleries.

Soft water doesn’t include residue

Because of the minerals included in hard water, it’s common for soap scum to appear. That’s because soap doesn’t lather as well or rinse off as well with hard water. Hard water can also leave behind marks because minerals are left behind when it dries. Whether you operate a car wash or a bar, you don’t want residue left behind when water is used. For truly clean surfaces without any streaks or marks, purified soft water is the way to go.


You might balk at installing a water filtration system due to the up-front cost; however, a high-quality water purification is a cost-efficient way to offer excellent water. Your equipment won’t be damaged by hard water, and then you’ll save down the line through low maintenance costs—and installation isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Better-tasting water

In many businesses like coffee shops and restaurants, you want to have the best-testing water possible for making drinks and ice. With a water filtration system, you can be confident you’re offering high-quality, safe water to all your guests.

Avoid contamination

Depending on municipal water treatment plants to invariably provide safe and clean water is dicey. The fact is that there are some instances where this water can be contaminated. Even sanitization work that’s nearby to your business may contaminate the water. Adding a water purification system at your school, manufacturing plant, hotel or other business means you can put your best foot forward, offering consistently excellent water.

Commercial water filters get rid of herbicides, chlorine, bacteria and a range of other contaminants. This chemical-free water can be useful in businesses like food processing and pharmaceuticals. The only maintenance that’s required is regularly changing the filter.

For the best water quality, trust the purification process to the pros. Ultra Pure Water Technologies specializes in the sale, design, installation, maintenance and service of commercial, industrial and medical water pretreatment and filtration systems. We do it all, from water softeners and filter replacements to carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization and so much more. Give us a call today to learn about how we can help your organization deliver the best water around.

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