Grey Water or Green Water?

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What is grey water, and what is green water? As you can probably guess, there are significant differences between the two types of water. While both are recycled water, their purposes differ, as do the processes they undergo. So how do companies recycle water and use either grey or green water in their operations? Here’s what you need to know.

Grey vs. green

Grey water is water that is reused for other applications. It includes wastewater such as runoff from baths and showers. Keep in mind that this is different from black water, which is contaminated by fecal matter. Grey water is not fit for drinking, but it can be recycled for many purposes.

Green water, on the other hand, undergoes treatment to remove impurities. It also has various uses, but may be suitable for more stringent conditions that require a higher level of purity.

How do companies recycle water?

There are many uses for recycled water that help reduce the burden on the clean water supply. The following applications are some of the most common uses across various industries:

  • Industrial applications: Oil refineries, plants, mills and other industrial settings require water for various applications, including boiling and cooling. These settings are ideal for recycled water use, since the water does not need to meet drinking water standards, but does need to offer a certain level of purification to avoid damage to equipment.
  • Irrigation and landscaping: Golf courses, parks, public areas and residential lawns require a lot of water to keep them looking sharp. However, this water does not have to be potable. By using recycled water for these applications, property owners can conserve pure water use and save money.
  • Fire protection: Using recycled water for fire containment is smart and essential. Containing large fires requires immense volumes of water, so using recycled water for these situations saves numerous gallons of clean water for drinking.
  • Sanitation: Do we really need to use purified water to fill a toilet? Rather than using clean water for sanitation applications, companies can use recycled water. This water is clean enough for sewage purposes and conserves pure water sources for other uses.

Benefits of recycled water

Using recycled water can reduce costs. Selling recycled water can also provide additional income. Reusing water also helps reduce environmental strain. It conserves clean water and reduces pollution. It also helps reduce the amount of water that is drained from ecosystems that are in dire need of the liquid nourishment to thrive. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why companies look to grey and green water as helpful resources.

Your local water experts

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