How Recycled Water Is Used in Unexpected Industries

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Certain industries require ultra-pure water for their operations. They rely on a trusted water recycling process to deliver the quality liquid they need for precision manufacturing or other applications that necessitate clean water. What do companies do with recycled water? Following are some of the most common applications.

Clean water technology

Microchip manufacturers often rely on a water recycling process to provide the ultra-pure water that is used for rinsing chip components. Even the smallest particle could damage the semiconductors they create. Leftover residue or debris could leave the technology damaged or useless. To ensure all parts are rinsed with pure water, they rely on a water recycling process to provide purified liquid.

Pure pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, bacterial control is a top priority. Sterilization is required to prevent product contamination. Only ultra-pure water is suitable to generate the steam for these sterilization processes, which is why pharmaceutical professionals rely on a water recycling process to provide the pure water needed to keep operations free from bacteria.

Quality oil

Using low-quality water produces low-quality oil. Therefore, it is necessary for operators in the oil and gas industry to look to purified water for their processes. Water is a significant component in the production of oil, so recycled water is used throughout the industry, from extraction to refining.

Safe consumables

In the food and beverage manufacturing industry, operators rely on a water recycling process to provide clean water for two main uses. The first use is as a sanitation agent. Equipment must be sanitized appropriately with pure water that will not cause damage over time as impurities would. The second use is as an active ingredient in consumable products. To be included as part of the product itself, the water must pass consumer safety standards. Therefore, it must undergo a strict water recycling process to ensure it is safe to drink.

Powerful water

The power generation industry also looks to recycled water as an important source. What do these companies do with recycled water? They use it to help produce energy. Steam-powered turbines can suffer from corrosion if the water supply is not clean. This can reduce the lifespan of equipment and greatly increase the cost of operations. By relying on ultrapure water, plants can reduce wear and tear on equipment, improve productivity and increase their bottom line.

Learn more about recycled water

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