Is Your Water Softener Ready for Summer?

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Longer, hotter days are just over the horizon. It’s important to make sure your business has a constant supply of clean water. This means properly preparing your water softener system for the summer months. You can do this by providing your system with routine maintenance and inspections. Read on for more ways to keep your industrial or commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH running efficiently this summer.

Make sure the settings are right

During the summer months, your water softener will work much harder than usual. Sometimes, you’ll have to adjust your water softener’s settings during the warmer months to ensure it’s prepared for the extra work.

Settings for most water softener systems include regeneration cycle frequency, regeneration cycle time, salt dose and regeneration cycle length. Contact a professional and tell them you’re preparing your water softener for summer. They will give you the best advice on how to adjust your settings.

Check for leaks and other common issues

If you want your water softener to work efficiently, it can’t have any leaks or other issues. Leaks can occur in lines, tanks or many other components of a water softener system. If you notice a leak, contact a repair professional in your area. In some cases, a leak will only require a quick fix. In others, you might need to replace a certain component of your water softener.

Other common issues when it comes to water softeners include brown water, low water pressure, salt bridges and more. It’s always best to call a professional if you’re experiencing any of these issues, as trying to fix them on your own could result in a costly mistake.

Don’t forget to clean

One of the easiest and most effective ways of preparing your industrial water softener for the summer in Cincinnati, OH is by cleaning it. You could simply clean the outside of your tank with a rag and water. However, if you’re wanting to give your water softener a deep cleaning, be sure to disconnect it from your water supply. You’ll then want to empty out the tank, which will usually have some water and salt left in it. Use soap and water to clean the inside of your tank and make sure it’s completely rinsed before reinstallation.

It’s important to only use recommended cleaning products when cleaning your water softener. That’s why it’s usually best to have a professional take care of the cleaning process for you.

Schedule professional maintenance

Before summer starts, you’ll want to contact a water softener expert in your area to perform routine maintenance. This maintenance might include checking valves and adding the right amount of salt. While there are many ways to maintain a water softener system on your own, it’s best to have a professional come in every now and then. An expert will have the right knowledge and experience to look for any potential issue that might inhibit your water usage this summer.

As long as you provide your water softener with proper maintenance and repairs, you shouldn’t encounter any problems this summer. When you need commercial water softener services in Hamilton County, OH, contact the experts at Ultra Pure Water Technologies.

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