The Importance of Water Testing

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If your water is supplied by a municipality, it must be safe, right? Or, if you have a filtration system in place for your private well water, it will be free of contaminants, right? Possibly. However, the purity of your water is not guaranteed. For proper commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH, water testing is key. Here’s what you need to know.

Once the water leaves the facility…

It’s true that water treatment facilities for municipalities work hard to provide safe, clean water for residents and businesses in the area. However, even if the water is clean when it leaves the facility, it is possible for the water to become contaminated before it reaches your site. Damage to the infrastructure of pipes or other environmental factors can affect the purity of the water while it travels through the system. This is why on-site commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH are a best practice for business operations.

Potential contaminants

Natural deposits in the earth, as well as industrial pollution, can add arsenic to the water supply. This natural element is odorless and tasteless, so you won’t know if it is present in your water without proper testing. Because it is toxic at certain levels, it is crucial to know if this contaminant is present in your water.

Lead is another common water pollutant that often makes its way into water supplies from older pipes. Fortunately, commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH can help remove lead from the water. However, testing is important to detect its presence, so you can choose the best commercial water purification system to properly treat your water supply.

Iron in the water supply can stain fixtures, appliances and clothing. These stains are difficult to remove. Water testing will reveal what type of iron is present in your water, so you can select the proper commercial water treatment systems.

Bacteria and viruses can also contaminate water supplies. If not properly treated, this infested water can cause illness. To ensure your water is safe, have it tested to determine if you need further commercial water purification infrastructure in Cincinnati, OH.

How to test your water

While DIY kits are available for water testing, it is best to partner with water purification specialists to complete this task. These experts have the knowledge and tools to properly test your water and make the best recommendation for commercial water purification.

Look for a company that is established in the industry and has experience with a ride range of commercial water solutions. These professionals will ensure you have the best commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH for your facility.

Get tested

To discover what’s in your water and how to treat it, partner with the professionals at Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC. We’ve been serving the area since 1999 with quality service and top-of-the-line commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH. Our specialties include water testing, water softeners, water filter replacements, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and deionization. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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