Seven Ways Technology Is Changing the Future of Water

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It will always be H2O, but water (and how we use it) will look different in the future. Innovations are changing how water is accessed, processed and used. Thanks to new technology, water is providing new solutions that would have seemed like science fiction just 10 years ago. Check out a few of the ways in which industrial water purification in Cincinnati, OH is changing the future of water.

Water from manure

We’ve come a long way in high-tech filtration methods. The latest innovation has huge potential. A new water filtration technology can transform cow manure into filtered water to use as fertilizer. Since a herd of 1,000 cows can produce millions of gallons of manure every year, this filtration system can be a game-changer for the agricultural industry.

From water to gasoline

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory staff are working on an intriguing solution to provide low-cost fuel for U.S. Navy aircraft. They are using a metal catalyst to turn the hydrogen and carbon dioxide in seawater into forms of gasoline.

Water in the desert

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! Many places around the world suffer from water scarcity, despite the fact that much of our planet is covered in water. As a result, researchers are turning to desalination technology to solve these problems. Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, are now able to use the ocean as a water source through the use of this technology.

Hydrogen-powered cars

What if cars could emit water vapor instead of gasoline and carbon fumes? Manufacturers have discovered how to produce hydrogen-fueled cars, which are powered by hydrogen and oxygen cells that generate electricity for the car. If this innovation catches on, it could radically change the future of the automotive industry.

Smart irrigation systems

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed WaterSense irrigation controllers. These systems match the needs of plants with weather and conditions to “sense” how much water the plants need. The systems could save thousands of gallons of water per home each year.

Purification through nanotechnology

Researchers have developed a nanoparticle water filtration system. Using nanotechnology, researchers can remove chemical components from the water and block out chemical contaminants. This process for industrial water purification in Cincinnati, OH may be able to help create cleaner, safer water than previous systems provided.

Water solutions from startups

The growing concern over water shortages has increased the interest in water technology. More and more startup companies are stepping up to meet the challenge with new solutions. Often partnering with larger corporations to fund their ideas, these companies, such as Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC in Cincinnati, OH, are adding to the myriad new technologies that are changing the future of water.

Looking to the future

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC is helping shape the future of water. We specialize in the sale, design, installation, maintenance and service of commercial, industrial and medical water pretreatment and filtration systems. We offer water softeners, water filter replacements, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and deionization. Contact us for a free estimate.

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