What Is a Desalinator?

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As populations become increasingly concerned about access to clean water, there is frequent discussion of desalinators. What is a desalinator? Simply put, a desalinator in Cincinnati, OH removes impurities and salt from water to make it safe for sensitive commercial and industrial applications. This is accomplished through reverse osmosis, and we offer this service to distilleries, nursing homes, hospitals and other settings requiring water purity. At this time, there are four types of desalinators. Here’s a closer look at them:

  • Individual: These indicate the class of desalinators designed for household use. You will also find them in smaller commercial settings like coffee shops and diners. Since these are also portable, people who run charter boats might use small desalinators to ensure the water supply never runs out during a trip. These devices are more common in coastal areas, where water may become too salty for consumption.
  • Industrial: A specialty area in our firm, industrial desalinators are often used in manufacturing settings. Some industries, including food, medical and aerospace, rely on clean pure water to keep their products safe and maintain standards for sanitation. Many of these industries are required to meet local and federal regulations for cleaning, drinking and cooking, and cannot do so unless they have an efficient reverse osmosis system. These systems are installed for wide-scale use and designed with little margin for error, as purified water is required not only for safety but often for legal compliance.
  • Military: Like desalinators for individual use, this class focuses primarily on the health of human beings. The ability to desalinate water makes a major difference in ensuring the survival of soldiers overseas and maintaining a steady water supply on military vessels. Ships can produce thousands of gallons of drinking water with centralized desalinators and soldiers in the field can carry smaller units to ensure a constant water supply.
  • Mass: This category includes centralized and municipal efforts toward desalination. As indicated above, the main concern that developed this technology was water supply, and there are countries all over the world that face shortages. Mass desalination is considered the solution, as the vast majority of water on this planet is not potable. Using distillation, the desalination uses a membrane system to filter salt water and produce water for millions of people per day.

Desalination and reverse osmosis are the first line of defense against contamination of your critical water supplies. Medical, hospitality and food industries depend heavily upon maintaining the highest standards of sanitation and safety, and that’s impossible without the purifying properties of reverse osmosis. That’s why it’s important that you consult with a water purification firm to ensure your workplace has access to free and clear water for all its applications.

Ultra Pure Water Technologies in Cincinnati, OH can answer your questions about what desalinators are, as we offer expertise in industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems. To install a new system or repair your current one, get in touch with us today—we’d be glad to schedule a consultation or service appointment.

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