The Benefits of Commercial Water Softeners

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Hard water can cause damage to pipes, appliances and even skin. Hard water occurs when minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, build up in the water throughout the water cycle. The hardness of the water depends on the amount of minerals in the water, and the harder the water, the more damage occurs. To avoid damage to your products and equipment, your establishment should invest in and use a commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH and enjoy numerous benefits in the process.

A water softener works by using ion exchange, in which hard water goes through the water softener and filters out the naturally occurring metals that you do not want. These metals are replaced with sodium ions, which softens the water and helps prevent damage being done.

Outside of decreasing the hardness of the water and protecting your machines and other equipment, here are the benefits of commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH:

  • Makes water taste and smell better: Hard water has a distinct taste and odor, both of which most people don’t enjoy. The water will taste salty and sour, and if water is used frequently in your business, the air will almost constantly smell “off.” If you have clients coming to your business, you will want to offer them water that tastes good and an atmosphere that does not stink. A water softener can decrease the salty taste of the water and decrease the bad smell.
  • Easier on the human body: With the hard water coming out of your sinks and being used to clean your equipment, be aware that hard water can actually cause damage to skin and hair. Dryness and rashes are very common with hard water. Drinking the water can also have adverse internal effects over time, even causing serious issues such as rough throat lining and overgrowth in joints. Adding a commercial water softener in Cincinatti, OH will help you protect your employees from these adverse effects.
  • Saves energy: Hard water can also cause lime scaling, covering areas where water flows with a chalky layer. When this buildup occurs in equipment, the equipment has to work extra hard, increasing energy intake and increasing your overall energy costs. By installing a water softener, these deposits decrease, having a positive effect on your overall energy budget.
  • Reduces maintenance costs: In addition to increasing energy costs, the lime scaling can also cause pipes to leak and equipment to break down due to damage. This means constant calls for repairs, which can be expensive. In some cases, a water softener is mandatory for warranties to remain in place. Adding a water softening system can lower your maintenance costs and ensure your warranties remain valid.

Enjoy commercial water softener benefits in Cincinnati, OH

When looking for a water softener solution tailored to your specific needs, contact Ultra Pure Water Technologies. Our industry experts will work with you to determine exactly what your facility needs based on your machines, equipment and products. Whether you need design and installation or service and repair, call us today for the cleanest, softest water.

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