How to Clean a Commercial Water Softener

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Keeping your commercial water softener clean is important, especially if you have high concentrations of minerals in your water supply. The resin beads inside your water softener’s brine tank attract those minerals and will eventually get oversaturated, reducing the softener’s ability to do its job. Luckily, cleaning your commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH is a relatively simple job that you can do yourself.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select a resin cleaner that will work in your system. Read the labels carefully, as some only work for specific minerals while others are all-purpose. If you’re not sure whether you should be targeting one specific mineral or all of them, ask a professional. Resin cleaners will replace the mineral ions with sodium ions, thus allowing your water softener to attract minerals once more.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the cleaning process for your water softener:

  1. Administer the resin cleaner: After you’ve selected the right resin cleaner, read the instructions to determine how much you’ll need to use. If you have a brine tank, pour the cleaner in there. Otherwise, pour the cleaner into your salt tank, when the salt is at its lowest level.
  2. Regeneration time: Check the valve of your commercial water softener for a control knob. Once you’ve located it, turn the knob counterclockwise until it stops. This will reverse the water flow while the system is in recovery mode, and clean the tank of any minerals and debris. Then the resin beads will be covered with the sodium-infused resin cleaner.
  3. Do it again: After the initial recovery process is finished, repeat the process to get rid of any remaining debris. If you’re still seeing layers of minerals on the tank bed, clean it a third time—ultimately, you’ll do this as many as needed to ensure the tank is completely clean.
  4. Set the system back to normal: After the tank is completely clean, simply reverse the control knob clockwise to return to normal mode.
  5. Give it a good flush: Finally, run water through the system for at least 10 full minutes before you start using it for your commercial applications again.

How often should I clean my water softener?

Typically, we recommend that you clean your water softener at least once per year, but every six months is even better. If your water is particularly hard or you’ve been noticing quality issues, more frequent cleaning may help with your water supply.

However, if you’ve been cleaning your commercial water softener regularly and there are still issues, it’s time to call a professional to see if there’s something else that has gone awry. Most of the time, regular cleaning is all you need.

Clean your commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH

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