Do Breweries and Distilleries Need Water Treatment?

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Brewers and distillers worldwide know the importance of using clean, fresh water for their products. If you’ve been relying on your municipal water source without a purification system in place, you’re risking poor flavor and a lot of added chemicals, minerals and other elements that will affect the brewing and fermenting processes, potentially resulting in an unpleasant final flavor. Therefore, it’s critical to have a water treatment system in place for breweries and distilleries in Cincinnati, OH.

Here’s why you should consider installing or upgrading your water treatment system:

  • Breweries: Beer is 90 percent water, which means that if you’re not using purified water, you’re risking a whole host of issues. Water affects the quality of the wort, the bitterness of the hops in the finished beer and the overall flavor itself. Many brewers choose to use pure water for the process, then add in minerals or ions in their desired quantities to achieve the flavor they’re looking for.
  • Distilleries: Many spirits use just two or three ingredients, including water, which means the quality of your water will have a significant impact on the final flavor of your product. When you use purified water, you’re allowing the high quality of the other ingredients to shine through. For example, whiskey often uses just water, yeast and barley, so if your water tastes bad, it will be unfortunately evident in the final flavor.
  • Keep your equipment clean: It’s not just the water you use in your beer or liquor—it’s also the water you clean with. If you use purified water for brewing but clean the tanks with tap water, you’ll still be left with mineral deposits and residue that will affect the flavor of your product and impact the performance of your equipment.

For breweries and distilleries, we recommend a reverse osmosis system, paired with a water softener if your water is over 4 or 5 grain hardness. While not completely necessary, some owners choose to implement an additional deionization system, which can produce completely pure water with a pH of 7.0. Other options available include ultraviolet lights to kill any airborne bacteria, and calcite filters, which add a slight amount of flavor and raise the water’s pH level.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of purified water for your brewery or distillery. While you might already know what water quality can do for your product, it’s smart to explore your options in order to create the highest quality drinks possible.

Water treatment for breweries and distilleries in Cincinnati, OH

Ultra Pure Water Technologies prides itself on designing, installing and maintaining custom water treatment systems for commercial and industrial clients, including those in the liquor production industry. No matter the size of your distillery or brewery, we can help you create a system that will result in delicious, high-quality beer or liquor using clean and fresh water. We’re the leading experts on water purification systems and will be happy to design a water treatment method that meets and exceeds the highest standards. Call us today to learn more and get a quote.

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