How to Test the Quality of Your Water

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Having clean, potable water for drinking, cooking, bathing and industrial applications is crucial to the health of the public and survival of your business, which is why routine water testing is so important. It’s also important to test your water to ensure that your water treatment system is still functioning properly—even if you haven’t noticed any problems lately, you’ll want to ensure your system is working at max efficiency.

When you test your water, you’ll be looking for coliform bacteria (which can indicate the presence of sewage), nitrates, pesticides, lead, chlorine and more. Your water test should also let you know about water hardness and pH levels, which may be useful depending on your industry. While no water source is likely to be 100 percent clean, you’re aiming to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and municipal standards for health and safety.

How to test your water quality

So how do you test water quality in Cincinnati, OH? Here are the key steps:

  1. Contact your water provider: Depending on your location, your water provider is likely required to test the water regularly and provide reports to the EPA. This should provide a comprehensive overview of what is in your water, as well as the specific levels. If you can’t get a report from them or want to compare results, you have some additional options.
  2. Get a DIY kit: Water testing kits are readily available online and in hardware stores, and these tend to provide simple, overall results. The basic kits will test for the most harmful contaminants, but your analysis will be limited when compared to professional kits.
  3. Have your water professionally tested: Having a professional lab test your water is the most in-depth option available, particularly because you can customize what the experts test for. This will give you the best overview of what’s in your water and how to treat it.
    How often do I need to test my water?

If you can remember “once a year and you’re in the clear,” you’re on the right track. Some industries prefer to test their water more frequently, particularly if there are pollution concerns nearby. For most businesses, however, a once-a-year test will be enough to ensure that the water you serve is safe and drinkable.

The EPA also offers a Drinking Water Watch program, which lets you look at other areas to see who and where might be affected. This is a great tool to check every month or so, so you can proactively identify any local problems and have your water tested accordingly.

Water purification services in Cincinnati, OH

Ultra Pure Water Technologies is proud to provide commercial and industrial clients in Cincinnati and beyond with reliable and effective water systems. Whether you need commercial treatment systems, disinfection services or maintenance and repair, we can help deliver clean and fresh water to your business or industry. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from installation to routine maintenance. Want to learn more about how we test for water quality in Cincinnati, OH? Call us today to get started.

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