What Is Hard Water?

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You may have heard about hard water before. You may have even heard people complain about the ill effects of hard water, as well. Until you find yourself staring down the barrel of the chaos that hard water can cause, however, you may not have listened intently to their concerns. What is hard water? In Cincinnati, OH, finding the answer just might lead you to a solution, as well.

A quick definition of hard water

Before it’s extracted, groundwater spends its time in hollow spots in recesses deep underground. There, the water can wash up against deposits of harmful minerals like calcium, manganese and sulfur and carry off tiny bits as it travels to the spot where it’s pulled from the earth.

Hard water is simply water that has been inundated with minerals commonly found underground. When hard water infiltrates a home, it can wreak havoc on its residents. In the commercial and industrial sectors, however, hard water can be just as ruinous. What is hard water? In Cincinnati, OH, it can spell trouble.

Sacrificed plumbing

Those same particles of calcium and sulfur washed away by your water deep underground inevitably find their way into the pipes and fixtures of your office, restaurant or manufacturing facility. Once there, those microscopic bits settle on the sides of your plumbing, sticking there and collecting more and more particles.

The result is that your pipes can become clogged with sediment, necessitating costly plumbing repairs. What’s more, whatever device you have that pumps water through your building will have to work harder, causing undue wear and tear over time.

Faded clothing

Operators of laundromats, dry cleaners, hotel proprietors or any commercial enterprise that handles fabrics or clothing will want to do everything they can to protect the quality of their most valuable commodity. Unfortunately, hard water has been proven to batter colored fabric mercilessly until the color becomes faded and washed out.

Brittle glassware

Restaurant owners or laboratories that wash their own glassware will find they get much more life out of plates, glasses or test tubes if they work in an environment free of hard water. When hard water is used to wash glassware, it compromises the integrity of the piece, causing it to become stained and easy to break.

Yellow toilets and sinks

Any business owner with a public bathroom understands the importance of keeping it pristine for patrons. When hard water is used in sinks and toilets for an extended period, it leaves behind yellow stains that are both unsightly and may eventually lead to issues with the integrity of your toilet.

Save yourself time, worry and cash

Fortunately for business owners who are nervous about the negative impacts of hard water on their establishment, there’s hope. What’s the third answer to the question to “What is hard water?” In Cincinnati, OH, it’s “easily preventable.” All you have to do is build a complete reverse osmosis system with some help from the pros at Ultra Pure Water Technologies.

For more than 20 years, our talented team has helped commercial, industrial and medical clients find a water treatment solution that suits their needs. Now, it’s your turn. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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