What Is Your Water Type? Answers from Your Local Experts in Water Purification in Cincinnati, OH

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If you’re considering investing in water purification in Cincinnati, OH, it’s important to know what water options are available to you. Whether you use commercial water softening systems in Cincinnati, OH or other types of water enhancing methods, a basic understanding of the different water types is helpful.

Following are the most common types of water. Use this guide to decide which option is best for your setting, taste and budget. Then, contact your local professionals in water purification in Cincinnati, OH to provide the best solution for your operations:

  • From the tap: Tap water is the liquid you get directly from faucets. This water may or may not be healthy for human consumption. Most municipal settings have filtration processes in place that make this water safe to drink, but it may still contain elements that are not desirable for industrial or manufacturing purposes.
  • From the spring: Spring water comes from natural springs, which are puddles of water that come up from underground. Often, these springs are created by rainwater that has gathered underground and bursts forth to the surface. Depending on the location of the spring and the makeup of the soil, spring water may or may not be suitable for human use. It may require further water purification in Cincinnati, OH to make it usable as drinking water.
  • From the well: Well water is commonly used in rural areas. The wells tap into the groundwater that is available to provide a water source for home and business owners. This water accumulates over time as rainwater travels through layers of soil and rock to gather into underground lakes. Wells bring this water to the surface for use.
  • From the plant: Purified water has been processed to remove the bacteria and other contaminants from the liquid. This process often occurs in a water treatment plant. The plant makes the pure water available for purchase. Purified water is also obtainable through private water purification in Cincinnati, OH. Water purifying devices are available for purchase and installation onsite.
  • From the softener: Soft water contains low amounts of ions such as calcium and magnesium. This type of water forms naturally in areas with hard, calcium-poor rocks. It can also be created with commercial water softening systems in Cincinnati, OH.
  • From the distillery: Distilled water has been treated to remove all minerals and salt. This process uses distillation and reverse osmosis. While this type of water is pure, it is not typically used for drinking water because it lacks the minerals humans need to maintain healthy levels of sodium, chloride and magnesium.

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Would you like to learn more about water types and the options available for your setting? Contact the water experts at Ultra Pure Water Technologies. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for water purification in Cincinnati, OH since 1999. Our specialties include the sale, design, installation, maintenance and service of commercial, industrial and medical water pre-treatment and filtration services. Reach out to us today to discover the best water type solution for your operations.

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