How Industrial Water Softeners Work

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Have you ever used an industrial or commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH? If so, then you might have some idea of how it works, and why it is important to use one.

That being said, many people do not know how an industrial water softener in Cincinnati, OH works, or what value these devices can bring. Here is an overview of why industrial water softening is a vital process, as well as an explanation of how it works.

The importance of water softeners

“Hard” water contains a high amount of different minerals, meaning it can literally be hard on the equipment it comes into contact with. “Soft” water, on the other hand, has a proper balance of minerals, meaning that it can be used in industrial systems while maintaining the proper operation, and making it easier to maintain the integrity and quality of the equipment.

A good industrial or commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH can also ensure that whatever your final product may be, it will always be consistent and high quality. It does this by taking hard water that would not otherwise be fit for industrial purposes, and transforming it into soft water that will go easy on your equipment.

How they work

Now that you know what water softeners do, you might be wondering how they work. First, it is important to note that quality water softeners will include carbon steel or fiberglass tanks that are resistant to any corrosion.

In an industrial water softener, hard water will pass through a bed of porous resin. The resin, which looks like small beads, has been treated to attract the very minerals that make water hard. As the water passes through, these beads will absorb those minerals, meaning the water will be appropriately soft once it comes out the other side.

Over time, these resin beads can become less effective at absorbing the offending minerals. That is why regular maintenance is key to ensuring your water softener continues to keep your industrial equipment safe. If you find a reputable business to sell you a water softener, they should be able to help with regular maintenance checks as well.

Of course, the process isn’t quite as simple as that—as industrial water treatment professionals, we could talk all day about the intricacies of how water softening works! But if you run an industrial facility, all you really need to know is that water softeners make water that is better suited for your equipment. We can even recommend a water softening system that is perfect for your unique needs.

Trust an experienced professional

If you are in need of a new industrial water softener in Cincinnati, OH, then we hope you will consider working with Ultra Pure Water Technologies. Since 1999, we have been one of the best water purification businesses working throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. Instead of working with a faceless national chain, you can work with us to ensure that you get the best possible product for your particular business.

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