How to Increase Water Efficiency in Manufacturing Facilities

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Water isn’t just the sustainer of nearly all life on Earth—it’s also an essential component of many industrial and heavy manufacturing processes. Every business, regardless of whether it’s based in a retail store, a large factory or a small office, requires the use of some amount of water. Industrial water consumption is a large concern in many areas of the world, because it leaches essential water away from waterways and restricts the amount of liquid available for human consumption.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways that factory operators and industrial players can reduce their water usage, lowering their environmental impact and reducing their utility bills. Regardless of the type of industry your company operates in and the amount of water it consumes, it’s important to invest in commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH. Using purified water protects your equipment and ensures that your products are top-quality.

Here are just a few ways that you can reduce water consumption around your industrial or manufacturing facilities, and improve your company’s environmental footprint:

  • Conduct an audit: One of the most important things that you can do to reduce your water consumption is to conduct an audit to determine exactly where the bulk of your company’s water consumption is coming from. You can use data from a water usage audit to determine the most appropriate next steps.
  • Lay off the landscaping: Reducing the amount of water you use for landscaping is an easy task that won’t affect your manufacturing processes at all. Try replacing grass with rock displays and drought-resistant plants. Investing in low-water landscaping can save money and improve your environmental footprint.
  • Replace water-cooled equipment: One of the most significant uses of water in many industrial facilities is as a lubricant and coolant for heavy machinery. Recent advances, however, have made air-cooled machinery the standard for many industries. If it’s possible, replace your equipment with air-cooled models as it ages out.
  • Update steam sterilizers: Hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many other industries rely on steam sterilizers to keep harmful bacteria and microbes at bay. If you work for a company that supplies goods to healthcare companies, consider investing in an updated, water-efficient steam sterilizer.
  • Reuse water whenever possible: While purchasing the necessary equipment may require a substantial investment, reusing your water is a great way to reduce your consumption and improve your bottom line. You should reuse water whenever possible, especially in cooling applications.

For nearly two decades, Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC has been the most trusted provider of equipment for commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH. We are proud to partner with industrial and manufacturing companies across sectors and industries to help them conserve water and make the most of our collective natural resources. We offer specialized water treatment gear suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Regardless of the size, type or scale of your business, we have the tools necessary to help you protect your gear, make the best possible products and protect the environment.

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