Why Water Treatment Systems Are Important in the Hospitality Industry: Info About Commercial Water Treatment Systems in Cincinnati, OH

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The hospitality industry is all about providing customers with the best experience possible so they keep coming back over and over again. This means maximizing the quality of that experience in everything from the quality of the linens to the purity of the drinking water.

Yes—excellent water quality goes a long way toward creating a great, memorable customer experience. Improved water quality will make ice, water, coffee and other beverages all taste better, and will even help laundry come out better and brighter. Treated water keeps other amenities, such as ice machines, boilers, cooling towers, hot water and laundry services running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s a closer look at some of these benefits, and others, from a provider of commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH:

  • Better tastes: Have you ever tasted ice water at a restaurant or hotel that just felt “off”? This is likely due to the quality of the water. Not only does the water itself have a strange taste, but the ice used to make it also contains whatever minerals are causing that taste, but in a concentrated, frozen form. Better-tasting water leads to better-tasting coffee and dispensed beverages as well.
  • Better cleaning: Water that has not been treated often contains a higher amount of mineral deposits, which can make it harder to get the best results out of your cleaning practices. Treated water will lead to spotless dishes, tableware and stemware, while making your laundry turn out much softer and brighter.
  • Better for your fixtures: The minerals and scale deposits inside of untreated water can cause damage to some important fixtures and infrastructure in your home. Over time, an abundance of this buildup in pipes or equipment can lead to malfunctions and ultimately the decreased lifespan of the equipment. Treated water helps you keep this expensive equipment in good working order, preventing you from having to shell out a lot of money for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Reduced use of cleaning chemicals: When you have cleaner water, you don’t have to rely as much on detergent and other cleaning chemicals. This is much better for the environment in the long run, and also decreases the money you will need to pay to keep these cleaning supplies in stock at your facility.
  • Increased lifespan of linens: Remember how we said cleaner water makes it easier to clean your linens? It also increases the lifespan of those linens. Repeated long-term exposure of linens to the hard mineral deposits in untreated water makes it more likely the fibers will harden or break down over time, which means you’ll likely need to replace them sooner than you would otherwise need to when using treated water.
  • Improved spa experiences: Softer water makes for a much better overall spa experience, which could be a crucial part of your overall customer experience.

For more information about the benefits of treated water in the hospitality industry, contact us to learn about our commercial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH.

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