What Is Required for Proper Water Treatment for Breweries?

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Because beer is roughly 90 percent water, the quality of the water that is used in the brewing process is exceedingly important. If the water used to brew a given batch of beer contains undesirable flavors, minerals or organisms, it can ruin the entire batch, resulting in a brew that is unmarketable and potentially dangerous.

Purchasing a filter capable of making deionized water in Cincinnati, OH is the only way to ensure that your company’s craft brew is tasty and up to snuff. Whether you are established restaurant hoping to begin offering a house-brewed beverage to your guests or you’re getting your very own craft brewery off the ground, working with a qualified provider of water filtration technology is the first step to making a tasty and safe alcoholic beverage!

Before investing in a commercial RO water system in Cincinnati, OH, it’s important to understand the ways that water quality affects the safety and flavor of your brew. Once you understand which water qualities are best for brewing, you can begin the search for a suitable filtration system.

The taste of water

Water, depending on where it’s sourced from, will always contain a cocktail of minerals, chemicals and other elements. In urban areas, like Cincinnati, water is typically treated with chlorine and fluoride. In rural areas, where water is drawn from wells or natural sources, like lakes and rivers, it can contain a number of potentially hazardous pathogens or large concentrations of trace minerals.

Chlorine, a common additive in urban water supplies, can actually kill the beneficial yeasts and bacteria that make the brewing process possible. Bacteria found in other water sources, like wells, however, can fester during the brewing process, resulting in rotten and dangerous finished beer.

Minerals and other trace elements will affect the flavor of your beer, either for better or for worse. While some small concentrations of minerals can add a unique and desirable flavor to your brew, using deionized water in Cincinnati, OH in your brewing operation is the only surefire way to achieve consistent results from your brewing process.

Benefits of filtration

Brewers typically use both reverse osmosis and deionization in the brewing process to ensure that their finished product is both delicious and healthy.

Brewing with water run through a commercial RO water system in Cincinnati, OH will allow you to achieve more consistent results at your brewing operation. Additionally, it can help you create a beverage that is as safe as it is enjoyable. Commercial water filters allow you to strip undesirable chemicals and elements that may adversely affect the brewing process from your water source.

Since 1999, Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC has been the premier place to purchase a commercial RO water system in Cincinnati, OH. You can count on our talented and dedicated sales associates to provide you with a high-quality filtration solution that will meet the needs of your business. Whether you are new to the brewing scene or an established beer-making veteran, we have the supplies that you need to create a tasty and refreshing drink. Contact one of our friendly sales associates to learn more about our extensive product and service offerings!

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