Top Five Signs Your Commercial Water Softener in Cincinnati, OH Might Be Malfunctioning

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If your business uses a water softening system, then you know the importance of regular care and maintenance—a lack of service can lead to your system malfunctioning at the worst possible time. Over time, hard water can have a negative impact, shortening the life and quality of your commercial or industrial machines, equipment and products that rely on a clean water source. Ultimately, using a quality water softener can go a long way toward protecting your livelihood.

Planning on investing in a water system, or already own one? Here are five signs that your commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH may need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Your business is dealing with hard water: If your business utilizes a water softener but you or your team members come across deposits in machines, equipment and other water fixtures, then things are probably not working as they should. If your water softener system is working, the only reason for seeing deposits is if your water is considered to be extremely hard water.
  • Your system is running constantly: Water should not be running non-stop through or out from the water softener. If you hear a constant running sound, that could indicate the system is stuck in a stage in the softening process. Some systems’ technology, old or new, have many moving parts that wear down quicker than others, so you will need to call a professional to come take a look.
  • Your softener system is not using salt: Commercial water systems like the water softener used in your business rely on salt (sodium chloride) or a salt substitute (potassium chloride) to remove iron and hardness. Because the importance of this aspect may not have been made clear to you, it can get overlooked time and time again. What you especially need to be aware of is if your system has not been using salt for an extended amount of time. This means it’s not functioning properly.
  • Your hot and cold water has different characteristics: What we mean here is the feel, taste and smell of the water when it is on the hot setting versus the cold setting. Hot water coming out of commercial equipment that feels or smells hard points to a malfunction, or that the unit is set to the wrong capacity, meaning the stations in your facility that use water are running out of soft water before it is fully replaced. Call a water softener expert for help setting the capacity.
  • Your water is colored: Businesses pulling from the city water supply should know that chlorine is put in municipal water to kill bacteria. Because chlorine can destroy metal and plastic, be wary of water that comes out yellow, orange, peach, gray or brown. To protect your equipment, install a system that removes chlorine before softening.

Whether you are looking for a professional to test your commercial water softener in Cincinnati, OH or need repairs or a replacement unit, the expert team at Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC can help. Call us for more information or a free consultation today!

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