How Ozone Disinfection in Cincinnati, OH Occurs in Your Facility

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Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC is an expert in ozone disinfection in Cincinnati, OH and other water disinfection processes. When your industry demands pure water, we find the best process for your needs and implement it. Even if you know water disinfection is necessary, you may not know how the process works. Read on to learn how!

The water disinfection process

Water disinfection is the process of removal or deactivating of pathogenic microorganisms. This is necessary for water used for human consumption, but also for any medical, pharmaceutical or scientific venture. The same is true for the food industry; a failure to purify water risks illness, bad press and legal liability. There are also technology production ventures and other industries in sensitive equipment that rely on water disinfection.

Disinfection may occur through chemical, ozone and ultraviolet services. The means chosen to disinfect water are called “agents.” Agents not only neutralize organisms, but also nutrients and shelters where they can thrive. Once introduced, the disinfection agents remain active, so there is a lower risk of recontamination. This is often a continuing process to assure long-term purity.

The process starts with the introduction of the disinfection agent. It works by causing cell wall corrosion in the microorganisms and stopping their enzyme production. At that point, they can no longer multiply, and eventually, they die out. Any organisms that linger after this carnage soon die from a lack of nutrition. Sometimes, depending on the application of the water, there are additional steps, including oxidation, coagulation and filtration.

It is also not uncommon for water to go through several disinfection processes. This often depends on the industry and any compliance standards that control it. We can advise on that when we assess your water disinfection needs.

Why ozone?

Ozone started being used as a water disinfectant in the 19th century. It works best against bacteria and viruses, which makes it a popular option for medical applications and wastewater. When compared to chlorine, another chemical disinfectant, it performs much better and without the odor and taste effects that often accompany that chemical.

In addition to neutralizing organisms, it also reduces the concentration of iron, manganese and sulfur, which are all known for giving water a more distinctive flavor than most people prefer. Its odorless properties also make it appealing. Some people notice it has a smell similar to the air after a thunderstorm concludes, but many barely notice it at all.

As an unstable gas, ozone returns to being oxygen within 30 minutes. Sometimes, this process can take mere seconds. This quick process adds to its desirability as a disinfectant. If there are other necessary steps needed to make water optimal for its function, ozone allows the process to continue in a much more timely manner.

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC offers chemical, ultraviolet and ozone disinfection in Cincinnati, OH. We can disinfect your water and put you on our preventative maintenance program. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business!

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