What You Need to Know About Lab Water Systems

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Not all water is created equal. There are different grades of water that are appropriate for different uses. Tap water often contains substances and impurities that might cause reactions in a laboratory setting. Purified lab water is essential for laboratory and industrial purposes to reduce scientific variability and the presence of bacteria.

Industrial water purification in Cincinnati, OH will help remove these impurities and provide you with purified reagent grade water (RGW) that is appropriate for your facility’s applications, whether those include washing, transportation, food processing or chemical usage. If your facility requires lab water, it’s important to understand why lab water is important, what lab water grades mean and how high-quality lab water is purified.

Why lab water treatment is important

Many substances dissolve into water, which means it has the potential to carry contaminants that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These contaminants, such as bacteria, gases, organic compounds or inorganic ions, may interfere with lab procedures by causing unwanted reactions or may spread bacterial diseases.

Reagent grade water (RGW), or high-quality lab water, is suitable for and will not interfere with a given lab procedure. This water is filtered or processed to remove certain levels of contaminants, keeping it safe and reliable in lab settings. High-quality lab water is absolutely critical in lab or industrial applications and is regulated by national specifications.

What lab water grades mean

National specifications determine which grade of water (I, II, III or IV) is appropriate for what use. Different applications will require different levels of water quality. Some applications require a much lower percentage of certain contaminants than others, which results in the varying degrees of water purity required in different facilities.

By installing water treatment systems in your facility, you can conduct industrial water purification in Cincinnati, OH for the water quality grade that your lab requires. It is important to know exactly what grade of water your facility needs so that you do not spend unnecessary money on systems that provide much higher quality water.

Methods of obtaining high-quality lab water

Lab water can be treated at two different points: at application and before application. Each application point will likely require certain water quality treatment equipment to maintain the high-quality grade immediately before use. This equipment can be extremely expensive and often cannot produce a lot of water at one time, making it both costly and inefficient.

To save money and time, it is a smart choice to pre-treat your lab water with an industrial water purification system. These systems can be scaled to treat many different volumes of water and often include numerous processes to remove certain contaminants. These systems help maintain the cyclical treatment of your water, resulting in continuous, high-quality water ready for your lab’s application needs.

Call a water treatment expert today

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