What Is Deionization in Cincinnati, OH?

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Water quality and purification are extremely important in certain industries to make very sure that contamination does not occur and to lower the possibility of infection. These industries include hospitals, medical facilities and laboratories—essentially, any place that provides people with services or products that can affect health or physical wellbeing.

Deionized water is the key to reaching the standard for purified water. Two big questions may be on your mind: What is deionization in Cincinnati, OH? And which industries use deionized water? Read on for a closer look!

What exactly is deionization?

Deionization is a process of ion exchange that removes ionized minerals and salts from a solution (like water) to rid it of impurities. This turns it pure, and therefore makes it safe to use in a number of commercial and industrial applications. As far as purification processes go, deionization is praised for being fast and cost-effective, and using less energy. It’s great for those taking advantage of deionization water systems to maintain sanitary conditions in their business or industrial facility.

Why use deionized water?

The great thing about deionization systems is that they supply the user with incredibly high quality, purified water whenever it is needed. Its ability to supply purified water on demand keeps water purity levels high during the time it’s used. After deionization in Cincinnati, OH, water is free of all ion minerals, including copper, iron, sodium and calcium, removing both anions and cations.

Applications for deionized water

Deionized (DI) water is used regularly across many different industries for a range of purposes—because it is a pure ingredient, it can be an ultimate cleaning solvent or utilized as a starting point in a water recovery process. For commercial or industrial use, you’ll find DI water in labs, medical facilities, pharmaceutical production facilities, food and beverage processing plants, the manufacturing of electronics, local car washes and more:

  • Medical procedures: Water and other solutions are injected into patients during medical procedures, so water must be deionized to meet the Water For Injection standards in regard to purity. DI water is free of bacteria and minerals.
  • Laboratory processes: In laboratories, instruments and equipment are cleaned using DI water from an on-site water purification system installation. Using DI water ensures thorough cleanliness and adheres to strict health guidelines. It’s also important during cell and tissue cultures, blood separation and other common lab procedures.
  • Pharmaceutical water needs: It’s crucial that the medications we take and the medical supplies we use are sterile and free of contaminants. DI water is used for a number of pharmaceutical purposes, ranging from prepping cultures to washing containers and devices. It is also approved for use as an ingredient in the production of pharmaceutical products.

At Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC, we work hard to ensure that all our customers can produce the amount of high quality purified water they need to run a safe operation. We hope you consider us your one-stop shop for commercial or industrial systems, products and services related to deionization in Cincinnati, OH. Contact us today for more information about DI water systems!

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